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Links & Resources

Streetcar systems are getting more and more attention across the country. Below is a series of links that are relevant to the Midtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis, as well as reference pages to articles about streetcar and trolley systems in other cities.


Midtown Corridor Transit Links

The Midtown Corridor Transitway Study, Metro Transit 2012. 

Arterial Transitway Corridors Study, Metro Transit 2012. 

Minneapolis Streetcar Feasibility Study, Final Report, City of Minneapolis 2007.

Minneapolis Streetcar Funding Study, City of Minneapolis 2010.

The Feasibility of a Single-Track Vintage Trolley in the Midtown Greenway, The Midtown Greenway Coalition and Lomarado Group 2001.


Other Minneapolis Links

The Midtown Community Works Partnership Transportation Page

Midtown Corridor Bridge Reconstruction Program, City of Minneapolis 2011

Streetcar Planning: Nicollet-Central Urban Circulator Alternatives Analysis, City of Minneapolis 2012. 


Streetcar News

France Commits to Tramways, A Possible Model for the Future of Urban Rail, Next American City, July 25, 2012. 

Streetcar revival: Coming soon to a city near you? Midwest Energy News, February 12, 2012. 

American streetcar projects creating jobs today, livable communities and economic development tomorrow, USDOT Fast Lane, January 12, 2012. 

The Relationship Between Streetcars and Economic Development, The Oakland Streetcar Blog, October 6, 2010. 

Greenway Trolleys, Rail Transit Online, May 2004. 


Streetcar Quote

If all you want to do is move people from point A to point B, a bus is fine. But if you care about what happens along a corridor, you have to invest in rail. Andy Cotugno, Director of Transportation Planning for Portland Metro

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