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Greenway Mile Points

The table below shows the mileage to Greenway entrances and exits from Chowen Avenue, the western end.
To calculate the distance between any two points find the difference between them by subtracting.
The bridge over Hiawatha increases the distance between the 28th Street and Hiawatha mile points.
Those traveling over the bridge will go .23 miles further than those choosing to stay on the streets.

Entrance/Exit Mileage
Chowen Avenue 0.0
Kenilworth Trail 0.1
Calhoun Village 0.2
Dean Parkway 0.4
Chain of Lakes 0.9
James Avenue 1.1
Irving Avenue 1.1
Humbolt Avenue - Uptown 1.2
Girard Avenue 1.4
Bryant Avenue 1.7
Lyndale Avenue - Lyn-Lake 1.8
Nicollet Avenue 2.3
5th Avenue 2.7
Park Avenue 2.9
Midtown Exchange 3.1
13th Avenue 3.3
Bloomington Avenue 3.5
18th Avenue 3.7
28th Street 3.9
Hiawatha Avenue - LRT Station 4.2
Minnehaha Avenue 4.3
26th Avenue 4.5
27th Avenue 4.6
29th Avenue 4.7
30th Avenue 4.8
34th Avenue - Ann Sullivan 5.0
38th Avenue - Brackett Park 5.3
West River Parkway 5.5
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