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Parks & Plazas

No transportation infrastructure is complete without destinations and the Midtown Greenway is of no exception.   With the completion of the trails across Minneapolis the Greenway has become much more visible and has caught the eye of many developers who want to build along it. The Greenway is a public good and steps should be taken to sustain the livable qualities of the Greenway so that it does not become suffocated by the towering walls of development.

An important part of the answer involves the setting aside of adjacent lands suitable for public open space. While Minneapolis already has world class park areas, as the city increases its density additional open space will be needed.

Public open spaces provide many opportunities when considering trail and transit corridors. They offer activity destinations, improve access to and safety of the Greenway, and provide opportunities for demonstrating and managing good ecological design with sustainable plant communities and storm water management.

The Midtown Greenway Coalition has been working with the neighborhood organizations along the Greenway to visualize a series of public open spaces we hope to help bring about.  A list of these is below, along with the purpose(s) each open space would serve.

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