A member-based group of individuals and organizations who want to protect and enhance the Midtown Greenway.
Help protect your greenway and make it even better!

Member Benefits

Join the Midtown Greenway Coalition to Protect YOUR Greenway!

Our Coalition grows stronger with each new member, giving us the resources we need to help protect and enhance the Greenway.  Thank you for being a member -- or for considering becoming one!

There is no minimum or maximum annual contribution to become an individual member.  Hpwever, we encourage donations of $10/month or $100 per year. 

Everyone who donates $100 or more per year will become an official “Friend of the Greenway” and be listed in our newsletter.

We hope you will consider becoming a monthly sustaining member at $10+ per month.  For the cost of a few cups of coffee, you can help ensure there is consistent funding for our Greenway programs.

All members will also receive our brand new Member Spoke Card, perfect for your bike -- and it comes in handy as a beverage coaster too!

Our members are also the first to hear about Greenway-related improvements, construction projects, and events. We stay in touch with you through our monthly e-newsletter and our quarterly print newsletter, Pathways. 

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