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There are two aspects to Midtown Greenway safety, including physical safety such as when the trail is crowded with users, and potential crime issues.

Safety and Respect with Other Trail Users

The Midtown Greenway is a mixed-use trail.  Bikers, walkers, runners, and inline skaters of all ages and all abilities use the trail.  Here are a few things that you can do to improve everyone’s experience on the Greenway.

  • Please stay in your lane
  • There is no speed limit on the trail – please ride at a reasonable speed!
  • Give audible warning when passing other trail users
  • Use caution when entering and exiting the trail
  • Be extra courteous when passing children, groups of trail users, and high traffic areas like the Bike Center
  • Please observe all posted signs and obey traffic laws

Crime and Safety

Serious crime is rare in the Greenway, but like everywhere else in the city, it can happen.  On average, there are one or two robberies of bikers in the Greenway per year.  So, the Greenway is very safe.  There has also been a large decrease in reported assaults since 2013.

Still, we are very concerned whenever there is serious crime in the Greenway, and we want to prevent it.  Our goal is zero robberies or assaults.   We must keep the Greenway safe for everyone.

We need YOUR help to keep the Greenway safe.  Most incidents occur late at night, between 10 p.m. and Midnight (or later).  

We encourage bicyclists to ride with a buddy after dark.  Also, to stop and turn around if they feel threatened, especially near bridges, ramps, or stairs.    We ask that all riders call 911 whenever they see criminal behavior.

While riding with a buddy and turning around (and calling 911) when a situation feels threatening is the best way to stay safe, we are proud to announce a new partnership with Krav Maga Minneapolis, which offers a self-defense course for bicyclists.  Our volunteers receive free training from Krav Maga, and our members receive $10 off course registration.  The course is open to everyone.

Together, we can keep the Greenway safe for everyone!   We appreciate your help.

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Safety Tips and Resources for Trail Users

Rules of thumb to avoid being a crime victim; how to report a crime or a maintenance issue on line, or see a map showing 911 call frequencies from the Midtown Greenway.

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