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Past Print Newsletters

Winter 2021

Featured:  Phase I of Greenway Extension/Connection in Saint Paul

Summer 2020

Featured:  COVID-19/Impacts; Ayd Mill Trail Victory

Summer 2017

Featured:  Greenway Glow, Tour de Fat

Winter 2017

Featured:  Complete/Extend the Greenway!

2016 Summer Newsletter

Featured:  Trail Watch and Safety Task Force; Paul Holt Memorial Bench

2016 Spring Newsletter

Featured:  Greenway Glow; Greenway Improvements

2016 Spring Newsletter

Featured:  Greening the Greenway; Let's Reopen Nicollet Avenue!

Winter 2015

Featured:  Bringing more ART to the Greenway

Fall 2014

Featured:  Greening and Cleaning

Summer 2014

Featured:  Tour de Fat

Spring 2014

Featured: Greenway Glow and Northern Spark 2014

Take the Field

Midtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis Concludes

Bike Crossing Light Creates Safer Greenway Connection

Greenway User Profile

Summer 2013

Featured Articles:

  • Tour de Fat
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Bikeways for Everyone
  • Midtown Corridor Alternatives Analysis

Past Newsletters:

Spring 2013

Featured articles:

  • Midtown Greenway Coalition to Organize the 2nd Annual Greenway Glow
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Crime Prevention Task Force Makes Safety Reccomendations
  • McKnight Foundation Matches New Donations

Winter 2013

Featured articles:

  • Trail Watch Helps Keep Greenway Safe
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Power Lines Going Under 28th Street
  • 2nd Annual Greenway Glow

Fall 2012

Featured articles:

  • Greenway Powers Economic Growth in South Minneapolis
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Bus, LRT or streetcar for the Midtown corridor?
  • Give to the Max Day
  • Safety a priority on the Greenway and beyond

Summer 2012

Featured Articles:

  • Tour de Fat
  • Message from the Executive Director
  • Streetcar Update: Alternative Analysis
  • Northern Spark and Greenway Glow: A Sparkling Success

Spring 2012

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Featured Articles:

  • Northern Spark and Greenway Glow to "Light up the Greenway" on June 9
  • Message from the ED
  • Power Line Victory
  • Let the Sun Shine In!
  • Trail Watch & Crime Prevention Task Force Help Protect the Greenway

Winter 2012

Featured Articles:

  • Greenway Improvements Bring Safety and Smiles
  • Message from the ED
  • Analysis to Study Greenway Streetcar, Other Transit Options
  • Recommendations to Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee
  • Winter Wonder Walk/Ride 2012

Summer 2011

Featured Articles:

  • Take the Greenway Challenge: Fantastic Prizes
  • Help Give Uptown a New Front Door to the Greenway
  • Message from the President
  • Tour de Fat is Back
  • Progressive Dinner 2011

Spring 2011

Featured Articles:

  • Greenway Coalition Plans for the Future
  • Upcoming Events, Mark Your Calendars!
  • Tim Springer Reflects on 18 Years at the Coalition
  • What's Happening at the Midtown Freewheel Bike Center

Winter 2011

Feature Articles:

  • Listening to the Community - Results from Immigrant Engagement Program
  • River Crossing - Tops the list of Recommended Foci
  • Major Interim Victory Achieved
  • Trail User Spotlight
  • Greenway Challenge Results!

Fall 2010

Feature Articles:

  • The Coalition Welcomes...
  • Metro Transit to Study Greenway Streetcar
  • Threat of High Voltage Lines Continues
  • The Coalition Would Like to Thank...

Summer 2010

Feature Articles:

  • Love the Midtown Greenway?  Take the Greenway Challenge! (Cover)
  • Tour de Fat
  • Progressive Dinner
  • New Summer Intern
  • Pledge Raising How-To Party
  • Safety Update
  • High Voltage Lines Update

Spring 2010

Feature Articles:

  • Sign Up to Take the Greenway Challenge (Cover)
  • Heads Up, Buddy Up!
  • Annual Meeting
  • Arbor Day Tree Planting
  • High Voltage Lines Struggle
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Winter 2010

Feature Articles:

  • Trail Watch Incentive Program Underway (Cover)
  • Hearings Scheduled for April on Xcel's Proposed High Voltage Lines
  • It's Not Too Early to Think of Spring- in 2020
  • Concept Plan for Cepro Site Completed
  • Committed Caspersen: An Inspirational Trail Watch Rider
  • Trail Watch Superstars

Fall 2009

Feature Articles:

  • Immigrant Engagement Project (Cover)
  • High Voltage Lines Still Proposed Along Greenway
  • Safety Update
  • Planning a New Gathering Place on the Greenway

Summer 2009

Feature Articles:

  • Rain Art on the Greenway
  • Coalition T-Shirts
  • Xcel Transmission Line Update
  • Nate Kerr is a Greenway Hero
  • Progressive Dinner
  • Tour de Fat

Spring 2009

Feature Articles:

  • (cover) Annual Meeting at site of old Cepro Grain Elevators With music by Adam Levy of the Bunny Clogs/ Honey Dogs
  • Xcel Update
  • 9th Annual Arbor Day
  • Advisory Committee Opportunity
  • Greenway Safety Program

Winter 2009

Feature articles:

  • Greenway Crime Rash, Coalition Responds (Cover)
  • Xcel’s Proposed High Voltage Lines, More Time Needed to Develop Alternatives (page 2)
  • Freewheel Midtown Bike Center Has Successful First Season (page 3)
  • Internship Opportunities (page 5)

Fall 2008

Feature articles:

  • Coalition Completes First Green Way to Go Biking Program (Cover)
  • More Greenways? (page 2)
  • Public Invited to Comment on Proposed Greenway Improvements in Phillips West (page 3)
  • How You Can Help Make the Midtown Greenway Safer (page 5)

Summer 2008

Feature articles:

  • Phillips West Neighborhood Pursues Greenway Rim Walkway (page 2)
  • So who is helping to green the Greenway? (page 3)
  • Moving Art Forward on the Midtown Greenway (page 5)

Spring 2008

Feature articles:

  • Freewheel Midtown Bike Center (page 1)
  • Greenway Stewards, Longfellow-Shasta Planting (page 2)
  • Global Bike Day 2008, Green Way to Go, Nate Will Stick Around (page 3)
  • Donors, Volunteers, Board, and Mission (page 4)
  • 8th Annual Arbor Day Planting, Annual Meeting (page 5)
  • Membership and Donation Form, Calendar (page 6)

Winter 2008

Feature articles:

  • Women Bike On (page 1)
  • Bike Center, Park east of new bridge (page 2)
  • More development, New entrance ramp (page 3)
  • Donors, Volunteers, Board, and Mission (page 4)
  • Greenway Adopters (page 5)
  • Membership Form and Calendar (page 6)
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