Re-Do the Greenway Re-Paving

The recent repaving of the Midtown Greenway trail from the Lakes to Midtown is unacceptable.

We are calling on the Minneapolis Public Works Department to Re-Do the Re-Paving.

The trail surface is WAY too rough and contains dangerous gaps. It's full of tiny stones that create a jarring ride for cyclists, rollerbladers, wheelchair users, and others.

Sign our Petition and tell Minneapolis Public Works to Re-Do the Re-Paving.


Call for Sculpture Concept Proposals

Issued by the Midtown Greenway Coalition


UPDATE:   The reponse deadline (formerly Dec 3) has been extended to February 4.  Download the REVISED Call for Artists below.


Please submit sculpture concepts via email to: Soren Jensen, Executive Director, Midtown Greenway Coalition, and copy Tim Springer, Project Manager,


This sculpture will be an important improvement to the Midtown Greenway - Minnesota’s busiest non-motorized transportation corridor that serves thousands daily - and the East Phillips Neighborhood where it will be located.


Q & A Regarding the Revised Call


Sculpture Location Context Photos

Notes, Zoom Pre-proposal conference for Midtown Greenway Light-emitting Sculpture, 11/15/21 (pdf)


City document shows that moving the Water Yard to East Phillips is environmental racism(pdf)


Shows that keeping the Water Yard where it is will save the most money for taxpayers.  It should not be moved to East Phillips.

Was this report purposely kept from the public?  Has the City Council read it?  If so, why do they still want to move the Water Yard to East Phillips?  It’s environmental racism to dump more toxic pollution on this majority BIPOC neighborhood.


Extend the Greenway:  Impact Report

The study outlines the predicted economic and equity benefits of extending the Greenway over the river and through Saint Paul.




Volunteer for the Midtown Bike + Walk Ambassadors!

Our volunteer Ambassadors walk and bike in the Greenway and nearby streets, with a focus on Lake Street.  They  welcome people to the Lake Street/Midtown area, provide directions, and fix flat bike tires.  They do trash clean-ups and community service activities.  Join them for an upcoming walk or ride!

Bike rides and walks are normally scheduled throughout the week from 6-8pm.

To thank you for your time and investment in the Midtown/Lake St/Minneapolis Biking Community, every volunteer that rides or walks receives a gift card to a Lake St business!

Sign up here:  Ambassador Info and Sign Up 


Will you help:

  • Extend the Greenway over the River and through Saint Paul?
  • Plant new trees and gardens to fight climate change?
  • Keep the Greenway safe and open for everyone?

Become a Friend of the Greenway by becoming a sustaining monthly donor at $10+/month.  Or make a donation of $100 or more.

Donate Here: 1,000 Friends of the Greenway

By becoming a Friend of the Greenway, you'll help keep our programs going -- including our effort to Extend the Greenway over the river and through Saint Paul.

Friends of the Greenway donors receive a free Bicycle Benefits sticker, good for discounts at small businesses in the Twin Cities and beyond.  Plus our newsletter and other goodies!

Please make a tax-deductible gift and become a Friend of the Greenway today!


Recent Midtown Greenway Coalition Accomplishments

  • Launched the Extend the Greenway Partnership, to work on our long-held goal to extend the Greenway over the river.  More than 35 local organizations are now part of the Partnership.  In the summer of 2018 we launched a new engineering study of the bridge over the river, to figure out how much it would cost to rehab it for bikes and pedestrian use.   The new study is available here:  Bridge Report
  • Organized one of the largest outdoor arts festivals in Minneapolis – the Greenway Glow Arts Festival.
  • Installed a new wayfinding kiosk in the Greenway, to help people find local businesses and their way along the Greenway.  This “demonstration” kiosk will be used to gather information to help inform a larger wayfinding upgrade currently in the planning stages.
  • Recruited businesses for the Bicycle Benefits program, which offers discounts to local restaurants, breweries, and retailers.  Members of the Midtown Greenway Coalition received a FREE helmet sticker to get the discounts.  Become a member by clicking on the DONATE button on the top of this page.  You can also purchase a sticker for $5.  Locations and a list of the businesses participating here:
  • Installed a temporary "woonerf" or shared street in the East Phillips neighborhood, designed to help make East 29th street safer for biking and walking and improve connections to the Greenway and the 17th Avenue Bicycle Boulevard.  Results of the test will be used to advocate for making the street safer and more accessible for cyclists and pedestrians, and for better connections to the Greenway and the 17th Ave. Bike Boulevard.
  • Installed two new murals in the Greenway, created by local artists of color.  For the first one, we brought together MCAD and Little Earth of United Tribes to create the mural.  For the second, we applied for an received a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, then hired a local artist to paint the mural.  In addition to creating vibrancy and advancing our vision for a cultural corridor, the murals help enhance racial equity in the Greenway.  We also are proud that a new Renter’s Mural was installed in 2018, which was partially inspired by the MCAD and Little Earth mural.  The new mural was installed by artists Cori Lin & Tori Hong with support from the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association.  An additional mural, Homeless or Homebody?, was installed in 2019 under Hennepin Avenue.
  • Took a leadership role in calling for safety enhancements and more community art for a new ramp that will be installed in the Greenway at 35W, leading to/from the new transit center at Lake Street.  As a result of our advocacy, a grant of $250,000 for public art has been awarded for the ramp, and additional safety measures have been added to the design.
  • Installed a series of wayfinding signs and banners in the Greenway, informing Greenway users where to exit to get to Lake Street and Eat Street (Nicollet Ave.).
  • Partcipated in a charette to visualize a future transit station area at Bloomington Avenue and the Greenway.  The study helps advance our vision for a low-impact streetcar line in the Greenway.
  • Celebrated the planting of the 5,000th tree in the Greenway as part of our annual Arbor Day efforts with the Midtown Community Works Partnership.
  • Coordinated 45 Adopt-A-Greenway organizations who organized more than 60 clean-ups.


About the Coalition

Our founders had the idea for the Greenway, then formed the Midtown Greenway Coalition to get it built.   

The corridor used to be a trash-filled trench that people avoided.  Now, it contains a world-class biking and walking trail that's the envy of cities across the nation.  In fact, the Midtown Greenway trail has been named the best urban bike trail in the USA!

Now, we work to protect and enhance it.

We fought to keep high-voltage overhead power lines out of the Greenway – and we won!

We encourage developers to create "Greenway-friendly" buildings along the corridor that don't block sunlight from the trail and create new access ramps and stairs.   

We operate a Trail Watch patrol, which bikes the Greenway at night to help keep it safe.

We encourage government agencies to repair the trail when needed, and are currently advocating that the entire trail get on a schedule for repaving.

We work to install more lighting and create safer street crossings.

We operate greening and cleaning programs that help keep the Greenway green.

We're a coalition of individuals and organizations that love the Midtown Greenway and want to protect and enhance it.  

We raise all of our own funds and receive no operational funding from the government.

Use and love the Greenway too?

Join us!


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