A member-based group of individuals and organizations who want to protect and enhance the Midtown Greenway.
Help protect your greenway and make it even better!

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Volunteer for the Midtown Bike + Walk Ambassadors!

Our volunteer Ambassadors walk and bike in the Greenway and nearby streets, with a focus on Lake Street. They welcome people to the Lake Street/Midtown area, provide directions, and fix flat bike tires. They do trash clean-ups and community service activities. Join them for an upcoming walk or ride!

To thank you for your time and investment in the Midtown/Lake St/Minneapolis Biking Community, every volunteer that rides or walks receives a gift card to a Lake St business!

Sign up here: Ambassador Info

This kind of work on behalf of the Greenway is made possible by our donors.  Thank you to everyone who donates to support our work.

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