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ArtSpace Committee

Want to see more public art in the Greenway?  So do we!  We are seeking new members for our ArtSpace Committee to help realize our vision of a corridor full of public art -- Join us!

I .ArtSpace Committee Mission: 

The Midtown Greenway Coalition (MGC) believes Public Art provides an essential role in articulating the history, meaning and local character of the Greenway as a Minneapolis resource. To that end, it is envisioned that the Greenway will play host to performance, temporary and permanent art. The ArtSpace Committee exists as a braintrust for past and present art and to facilitate future work in partnership with constituent artists, arts organizations, city residents and public entities.

II. Time Commitment:

2-4 hours per month; more leading up to special events, for example, May-July in preparation for the Greenway Glow/Northern Spark. Members commit to a yearly term and may miss no more than 3 monthly meetings.

III. Desired Skills/Experience/Knowledge/Interest in:

• Public art, community art, public space, place-making
• Urban planning and design
• Community organizing
• Fundraising/development/philanthropy connections

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Advocating for Public Art in the Midtown Greenway

The Midtown Greenway embodies an unusual opportunity for artistic expression.  A stretch of land 5.5 miles long cutting through diverse neighborhoods that vary socio-economically, racially, ethnically, culturally and demographically — the Greenway is an opportunity for Public Art that is diverse in its content, medium, longevity and functionality thereby creating distinct places along the corridor, yet a unified and beautiful Greenway journey.

The Midtown Greenway Coalition believes Public Art in the Greenway provides an essential role in increasing community awareness and involvement with the corridor; increasing value for adjacent property development; and in articulating the history, meaning and local character of the Greenway as a Minneapolis resource.  To that end, it is envisioned that the Greenway will play host to temporary artwork, performance art and permanent artwork.

Temporary Artwork

Generally, lower cost projects that are placed on a temporary basis in the corridor. To date this has been the most used form of public art along the Greenway. Temporary artwork has ranged from chalk art, banners, posters and seasonal art that breaks down with time; the Straw Ballerina in Vera’s Garden during the 2007 summer is an example of such art.

Performance Art

The Greenway offers a fabulous location for varying occasions, events and corresponding performance art.

Permanent Art

A long term goal of the Midtown Greenway Coalition is to acquire and commission permanent artworks to enhance the journey along the corridor. These artworks will range from sculptures, murals, mosaics to functional art such as artist designed benches and water fountains.

The Greenway is also a unique forum to display art where travelers go more slowly than by car and travel without the distraction of traffic.   Art in the Greenway is a way of bringing various cultures together, bringing out the positive aspect of inner city life. When this Public Art is thoughtfully conceived, executed and integrated, it is an investment in the corridor’s sense of place.

Past & Present Art in the Greenway

Artist Foster Willey Jr. created 50 portraits of Minneapolis community leaders.


Cristo Rey Jesuit High School mural project through partnership with Mentoring Peace Through Art.


Sculpture in Midtown Greenway Coalition HQ created by artist Victor Yepez.


Local multimedia artists, Victor Yepez and Constanza Carballo, the Midtown Greenway and Peace Coffee worked together


Graffiti Wall along the back of the Empire Door and Glass building.


Through the after-school program Everyday Leaders, the students worked together to produce designs that reflected their...


The idea for this project came from series of public neighborhood meetings through the Hoisington Koegler Group Inc.


The Martin Olav Sabo Bridge was completed in November 2007, connecting Phases 2 and 3 of the Midtown Greenway over...


Features of the CEPRO site are the benches reading “Welcome” in many different languages that are representative of...


Little Earth / MCAD Mural under 13th Ave. Bridge

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