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Why Native Plants?

Minnesota has lost nearly 93% of the native plant species that grew here 250 years ago.That is one reason the Midtown Greenway encourages the use of native plants for gardens along the Greenway. They also provide food and shelter for wildlife, especially birds, butterflies and beneficial insects and are well-adapted to the climate. Once established, native plants generally thrive without inputs of pesticides or fertilizer, and need minimal watering and time for maintenance.

Ecological Design creates landscaping that:

  • Are dynamic and sustainable. Native plants are well adapted to our climate and should require relatively low maintenance once established.
  • Conserves or restores native plants of the region – protecting the biological heritage of our state.
  • Protects or improves water, soil, air, biodiversity quality – providing  food and shelter for wildlife, especially birds and butterflies 
  • Connects with other green spaces - providing a regional connection for wildlife.
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