The Midtown Greenway Coalition is a nonprofit organization. Funding for our grassroots organizing and advocacy work for the Midtown Greenway comes from the individuals and organizations below.

Business/Organizational Donors

Friends of the Greenway:  Platinum Level ($1,000+)

The Ackerberg Group and MoZaic Art Park

Allina Health (2019)

Elmer L. & Eleanor J. Andersen Foundation

Carolyn Foundation

Elan Uptown Apartments / Greystar


Minneapolis Foundation

New Belgium Brewing

Saint Paul Area Association of Realtors

Quality Bike Products

RBC Foundation

Wells Fargo

Friends of the Greenway:  Silver Level ($500-$999)


Hiawatha Bicycling Club

Lawless Distilling

Friends of the Greenway:  Bronze Level ($250-$499)

Cargill Foundation

Saint Paul & Minnesota Foundation

Twin Cities Bicycling Club (TCBC)

Friends of the Greenway:  Inkind Donations

Advance Consulting, LLC

De Leon & Nestor, LLC

Eastlake Craft Brewery

Krishna’s Delights

Lawless Distilling

Midtown Global Market



The UPS Store - Uptown

Vine Arts Center and the Ivy Building

Friends of the Greenway:  Adopt-A-Greenway Partners

Allianz Technology
American Swedish Institute
Birchwood Café and Bike Team
Brazil Law Group
Breck School
Bryant Lake Bowl
Children's Hospitals and Clinics of MN
Dero Bike Racks
Ebeneezer Tower Apartments and St Stephens Human Services
East Isles Residents Association
Elan Uptown Apartments
Erik's Bike Shop
Family and Friends of Shepherd (Shep) Myers 
First Service Residential
Friends and Family of Michael Shilinski
Greenway Dental
Ian Kees Consulting, PLLC
JD Haas and Associates
Metamorphosis Realty
Minneapolis Uptown Rotary
Phillips Garden
Project for Pride in Living
Quatrefoil Library
Ryan Companies US, Inc.
Seward Co-op
Smiley's Clinic
Smith Foundry Company
Smyth Companies
Surly Brewing
The Bakken Museum
The General Colin L. Powell Leadership Academy at MTS High School
Two Betty's Cleaning
Wells Fargo
West Maka Ska Neighborhood Council
Whittier Alliance
Young Professionals Network at Piper Jaffray
Young Professionals of Minneapolis

Individual Members/Donors

Platinum Level: Friends of the Greenway ($1,000+)

Mary Arneson and Dale Hammerschmidt

Marc Gorelick and Lynn Broaddus

Richard and Diane Madlon-Kay

George and Catherine Puzak

Chris and Carol Schoonover

Liam Stewart

Gold Level: Friends of the Greenway ($750-$999)

Steve Flagg and Mary Henrickson

Silver Level: Friends of the Greenway ($500-$749)

Dominic and Allison Cecere

Lucas Erickson

Amy Hart

Soren and Sasha Jensen

Eric Mueller 

Sarah and Bill Oyler

Andrew Plesko

Timothy Rand and Catherine Norman

Gerry Tyrrell and Kevin Reuther

Andrew Tubesing

Bronze Level: Friends of the Greenway ($250-$499)

Jeff Alspaugh

Nancy Andrews

Peter Bachman and Janet Rice

Brent and Deborah Bertsch

Michele Braley and Nils Dybvig

Kelly Butterfield

Jane and Michael Connelly

Daniel and Deborah Day

Peter Goss

Linda and Bradley Holt

AJ Ilika

Gail Jones

Thomas Kottke

Dan and Nancy Lussenhop

Mark Lystig

Andrew and Alisa Martinson

Charles and Laura Miller

Brandon and Christopher Moore

Jo Ann Musumeci

Michael Nelson and Marcy Cheeseman

Eric Newman and Janice Gepner

John Nicotra and Lisa Nicotra Schneider

Susan Nixon

Kirby and Anne Ogden

David Poerschke

Laurie Pohlman

MaryLynn Pulscher and James Bode

Evan Roberts

Leeann Rock and Brian Anderson

Winthrop and Barbara Rockwell

Eric Schned

Aaron Tovo

Walter and Laura Treichel

Martha Yunker

Friends Level: Friends of the Greenway ($100 – $249)

David and Joyce Abramson

Richard Adair

Alexander Adams

Van Adams

Bob Aderhold and Audrey Kingstrom

Frank and Annliv Bacon

Kemal Badur

Brian Balleria and Joan Bechtold

Terry and Kevin Barnes

John Barsanti

Barbara Batchelor

Robert and Katie Bell

Scott Berger

Michele Bevis and Steve Wardell

Gerald Bird

Michael and Susan Blehert

Bernard Boehnlein

Jill Boyat

Charles Breer

Dave Bucklin

Tom and Cherie Burke

Patrick Burns

Jeff and Susan Byers

Dawn Cassidy

Jill Chamberlain

Alessandra Chiareli and Michael Haase

Ann Cohen and John Glasenapp

Jon Commers

Jonathan Cook

Kim Couch and Basilia Cruz Blue

Dan Cross and Julie MacKenzie

Todd and Sharon Curtis

Michael Custard

Patricia Dahlen

Laurie Davis

Don Degerstrom

Sue and Bill Drehmel

Dan Elenbaas

Sonja and Mark Elias

Susan Elsner

Nicole and Kevin Engel-Nitz and Kevin Engel

Cynthia Englund

Peter and Karen Erickson

Kris Estergaard

Brett Feldman and Elizabeth Haugen

Dale Forsberg

Paula and Norm Fox

Ann Marie Fox

Joanne Francoual

Dan Frankowski

Paul Frenz and Julie Johnson

Brennan Furness

Richard Garon

Nancy Gaschott and Mark Ritchie

Cathy Gasiorowicz and Bob Beverage

Hans Gasterland

Lee and Beverly Gehrke

Ted Gerold

Ben Goldfarb and Nora Whalen

Betty Grant

Erik Hagen

Walt Handschin

John Hannan

Elizabeth Hansen

Jan Heasley

Linda and Gary Hendlin

Kathy and John Hendricks

Matthew and Shelly Hendricks

Jean Hendricks

Roberto Hernandez-Cotter

Galen Hersey and Darcy Sudderth

Andrew Heyer

Peter Hofrenning

Paul Hogrefe and James Sauder

Jim Howitt and Ann Lewandowski

Rusty Hurley

Frank Janezich

Mary Jansen

Marilyn Jensen

Dana Jensen and Christopher Quam

Philip Johnson

Tess Johnson

Joe Johnson

John Johnston III

Phil Kaasa

Martin Kahn

Matthew Kazinka

Margaret Kelly

Dina Khaled

Wood Kidner

Margaret Kirkpatrick

Nicholas Klebs

William and Jeanne Kosfeld

Dave and Carmela Kranz

David Krco

Bridget Kromhout and Joe Laha

Nicholas Kucher

Laura Landstad

Craig Lassig

John Lauber and Elizabeth Lincoln

Cynthia Launer and Will Thomas

John and Anne Levin

Deb Liang and Matthew Tillotson

Edward Linder

Jonathan Lord

Charles and Becky Lyon

Chrissie and Brian Mahaffy

Trevor Maiers

Sheldon and Beverly Mains

Joseph Martin

Vivian Mason

Mark Mathison

John and Elizabeth McClure

Paul McGinnis

Stephen McHenry

Deb McKinley

John Meegan

Tom Meyer

Mary Ann Miller

Michele Molstead

Steve Mose

John Mullaney

Jay Nelsen

Steven Nelson

Clareyse Nelson

Bruce Nestor and Susana De Leon

Robert Newcomb

Ed Newman

Tom Novacheck

Sandra and Peter Nussbaum

Maggie O'Reilly

Kyle Oglesby

Paul Ogren

Ruth and David Olkon

Randall Olson

Andreas Ostenso

Denise Pasmanter and Robin Brown

Amy Pearson

Lisa and Gary Pederson

Daniel Pennie

Marvin Plakut

Peter Qualy

Jonathan Riehle and Angela Bohmann

Thomas Riley

Paul and Leah Robinson

Timothy Ross

Andrew Sandberg

Sandra Sandell

Clint Sanders

Richard Sanford

Mike and Elise Schadauer

Douglas Schairer

Linda Schloff

Peter Scholtz

Rolf and Renata Scholtz

Peter Schulze

Philip Schwartz

Gary Seim

Carlos Seoane-Quinteiro

Robert Simonds and Karen Margolis

Andy Singer

James Slegers

Kyle Sogard

Scott and Sarah Sponheim

Ted and Nancy Springer

Tim Springer

Jane St. Clair

Mary Jane Steinhagen and Bob Veitch

Charles Stephens

Robert Stuart

Nick Studenski

Sue and Harry Summitt

Ken Sutherland

Dan Sutton

Julieann Swanson

Todd Taggart

Barb Thoman

Pat Thompson

Tom Thul

James Van Sloun

David and Lynn Vander Haar

Peter Vickerman

Tom Wald

J.D. Walker and Valerie Tiberius

Liz Walton and Mark Wright

Julian Ward

Richard and Sandra Westby

Kelly and Dan Wilder

Bruce Wilson

Dawn Wilson and John Hardy

Peter Wiringa

Tim Wright

Molly Yoong

James Young

Bob and Julie Young Walser

Deborah Zvosec and Steven Smith

Note:  We appreciate all donations to support our work for the Greenway!  Due to space limitations, only donations at the Friends Level ($100) and above are listed on this page and in our newsletter.

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