A member-based group of individuals and organizations who want to protect and enhance the Midtown Greenway.
Help protect your greenway and make it even better!

Public Safety

Our major public safety program is our Midtown Bike + Walk Ambassadors program (formerly Trail Watch).  Our volunteers are a friendly presence, welcoming visitors to the Midtown Greenway and surrounding areas.   They fix flat tires, offer directions, and call in any needed repairs or safety concerns to the City.

We also work with government agencies to get more lights, cameras, and other safety measures in the Greenway. For more information, e-mail Soren at soren@midtowngreenway.org

We are also have a partnership with Krav Maga Minneapolis, which offers a self-defense class for bicyclists.  Our Bike + Walk Ambassadors receive this training for FREE, and all Midtown Greenway Coalition members get $10 off registration. 

Midtown Bike + Walk Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors welcome visitors to the Midtown Greenway and Lake Street Corridor.  They are a friendly presence, offering directions and fixing flat tires. They also clean up glass on the trail and call in graffitti, broken lights, or other issues to 311.   They do no intervene directly in any crime prevention measures, but their presence helps keep the Greenway and nearby areas safe.

How does the program work?

Ambassador volunteers bike or walk in the Midtown Greenway and/or nearby streets for a few hours.  Rides and walks go out several times a week, as long as enough volunteers sign up.  

There must be 3 people confirmed for each ride or walk or they will not happen.  (Three Ambassadors is the minimum number for safety reasons.)

The program is flexible, and we encourage new volunteers to test out a few rides or walks.  We have volunteers that ride or walk each week, as well as those who volunteer once or twice a month.

To sign up to volunteer, visit:  Ambassador Sign Up

Or contact jane@midtowngreenway.org

Incentive Program

As if spending time with other awesome biking and walking folks isn't enough to encourage you to become and Ambassador, we also offer an incentive program for volunteers.  After each ride or walk, volunteers will receive a gift card from local businesses on Lake Street, including restaurants and breweries!


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