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Crime is relatively rare in the Greenway, with fewer than 1 incident reported against cyclists per year -- and very few reported since 2013.  However, we request that we are alerted whenever something happens, so we can inform our Trail Watch patrol and contact the police department if necessary.  Together, we can coordinate a response and increase prevention measures.

Please contact the Midtown Greenway Coalition if you have been victim of a crime on the Midtown Greenway or know of someone who has so that we may post an account of the incident here.  Please email:

The "Safety" forum on mplsbikelove.com is a great place to keep up with events and incidents.

The Coalition is working hard to keep the Greenway safe, including organizing volunteers on Trail Watch rides that started early May 2009.  We have also worked to install more lights, and we regularly check the blue safety phones.

We need your help to keep the Greenway safe.  For your safety, seek other trail users to buddy up with after dark and call 911 to report anything suspicious.  If you must bike alone at night, behave as you would anywhere in the city and avoid loitering/stationary pedestrians because sometimes they have accomplices hiding nearby.

Also visit the safety homepage for more information on safe rider tips and more.

Incidents are posted below with the following information (when available): date, time, location, armed mugging vs assault or other, # of assailants and their description, lone trail user or not, whether victim was physically harmed.

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