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Crime is relatively rare in the Greenway, with fewer than 1 incident reported against cyclists per year -- and very few reported since 2013.  However, we request that we are alerted whenever something happens, so we can inform our Trail Watch patrol and contact the police department if necessary.  Together, we can coordinate a response and increase prevention measures.

Please contact the Midtown Greenway Coalition if you have been victim of a crime on the Midtown Greenway or know of someone who has so that we may post an account of the incident here.  Please email:

The "Safety" forum on is a great place to keep up with events and incidents.

The Coalition is working hard to keep the Greenway safe, including organizing volunteers on Trail Watch rides that started early May 2009.  We have also worked to install more lights, and we regularly check the blue safety phones.

We need your help to keep the Greenway safe.  For your safety, seek other trail users to buddy up with after dark and call 911 to report anything suspicious.  If you must bike alone at night, behave as you would anywhere in the city and avoid loitering/stationary pedestrians because sometimes they have accomplices hiding nearby.

Also visit the safety homepage for more information on safe rider tips and more.

Incidents are posted below with the following information (when available): date, time, location, armed mugging vs assault or other, # of assailants and their description, lone trail user or not, whether victim was physically harmed.

Recent Incidents of Which the Coalition is Aware

Wed Jan 02, 2019 — Calhoun Village Area

Trail user was mugged by two individuals with at least 1 firearm on the stretch behind Calhoun Village on Wednesday January 2nd, 2019, around 7:30 PM.  


Mon Sep 10, 2018 — Few incidents reported since 2015

We have only received one uncomfirmed report of a robbery/mugging against a Greenway cyclist or pedestrian since 2015.  The incident that was received second-hand occurred in 2017 in late summer, in the afternoon.  A pedestrian was robbed near Bloomington Ave. 

We review police reports and ask the MPD and the victims to contact us if/when an incident occurs.  We were not contacted regarding that incident, and have not been contacted since.  It is possible that other incidents have occurred, but none have been reported to us.


Tue Sep 01, 2015 — September 1, 2015 near Cedar Ave.

Sept. 1, 2015 – 11 PM on the Greenway at Cedar Ave. Victim robbed by two (2) suspects. Backpack, cell phone and cash taken.              

SUSPECT #1: 20-25 year old black male, 5 feet 8 – 9 inches tall, medium build, wearing black sweater, blue jeans, brown baseball cap and armed with a black revolver. 

SUSPECT #2: 20-25 year old Black male, 5 feet 8 – 9 inches tall, medium build 5’9,with long black hair, wearing black sweater, black jeans and armed with a home-made knife.


Sun Aug 30, 2015 — August 30, 2015 near Bloomington

Aug. 30, 2015 – 11 PM on the Greenway between Bloomington and Chicago Aves. Victim was knocked off his bicycle and assaulted with a stun gun. Backpack, cellphone and wallet taken.

SUSPECT #1: 20 – 25 year old black male, 6 feet tall, medium build, wearing a dark hoodie and dark pants.

SUSPECT #2: 20 – 25 year old male, medium build, wearing a dark hoodie, and dark pants.

SUSPECT #3: 20 – 25 year old male, 6 feet tall, medium build, wearing a dark hoodie, and darkpants.  


Sat Aug 29, 2015 — August 29, 2015 near Bloomington

August 29, 2015- 11:15 PM at 1822 Midtown Greenway. Victim was knocked off bicycle and assaulted by two (2) suspects. Cellphone and head phones taken.

SUSPECT #1: Black male, 6 feet tall, light build, with a black “Afro” style haircut, wearing a black hoodie.

SUSPECT #2: Black male, 6 feet tall, light build


Wed Jul 15, 2015 — July 14 at 5 a.m. - near Nicollet Ave.

A report from a cyclist that she was punched in the face by a youth, who was with a group of youth loitering near Nicollet Ave. at 5 a.m. in the Greenway.  She was able to continue biking.  A biker before her had also seen the youth and warned her of them.  No report that anyone called 911, but we are investigating .  (Editor's note:  We encourage Greenway users to call 911 when they see youth loitering in the Greenway.  We advise not biking through/past them if you feel their behavior is suspicious.  While these attacks are rare, almost every crime report we receive involves a group of youth loitering near ramps, bridges, and stairs.)


Thu Oct 30, 2014 — 35W Underpass

Second hand report of a woman being chased and pushed off her bike by a group of men during the day.   The woman did not call 911, and other bikers passing by chased the men away.  Not clear if there were any injuries.    The MPD has been contacted and patrols were increased in the area.   New lights have also been installed in the area.  No reports of anything of this nature since that time.


Fri Jun 06, 2014 — Grabbing Incident near 35W - 12:30 a.m.

Between Hiawatha and 35W.  A report of a cyclist being followed and then touched/grabbed on her buttocks.  The cyclists used pepper spray.  No reports of the incident occuring again since that time.  However, it had happened to the same cyclist earlier in the year, by the same person.  


Wed Apr 03, 2013 — Approximately 1 PM- 15th Ave

Two juveniles threw a Molotov cocktail off the 15 Ave bridge, nearly hitting a cyclist.  No one was injured and the MPD caught the suspects a week later.


Thu Mar 28, 2013 — Approximately 8 AM — 15th Ave

Biking west on the Greenway a cyclist was hit with a snowball by two juveniles.  The snowball largely disintegrated in mid-air but some bits hit his helmet harder than expected.  The snowball may have been laced with stones or several hard but small items.  The cyclist was not hurt.

*Incident reported on 4/12/2013


Wed Feb 06, 2013 — Approximately 8:30 PM- Under Chicago Ave bridge

A male cyclist was attacked and robbed under the Chicago Ave bridge by four male suspects.

The victim was hit in the face, causing him to fall off his bike and hit his head (he was not wearing a helmet).  The suspects continued to attack the victim after his fall.  The victim's backpack and phone were stolen.


Sat Oct 27, 2012 — Approximately 12:30 AM- West Lake St. and Greenway

A cyclist approached three men standing idle under the West Lake Street bridge on the far west side of the Greenway near the Chain of Lakes.  When the cyclist got closer to the three men, one of them charged at her, hitting her in the head causing her to fall off her bike.  The cyclist was knocked out and eventually got help from a passerby.  She was not robbed and did not incur any major injury.

The MGC would like to remind you not to pass groups loitering under bridges at night, especially if riding alone.  Instead, you should stop, turn around and take a different route.


Mon Jun 25, 2012 — Approximately 9:00 AM- 14th Ave.

Reports that two groups of juveniles, one group of females and one group of males, were throwing rocks at bicyclists.  One 17 year old male bicyclist stopped and was surrounded by a group of youth, then assaulted and robbed of an ipod.

Many bicyclists rode past these juveniles throwing rocks, but did not call 911. 


Sun Jun 24, 2012 — Approximately 11 PM- Near Chicago

A lone bicyclist was assaulted and robbed by at least two perpetrators.  No further description.  Victim refused medical treatment.


Fri May 04, 2012 — Approximately 12 PM — Greenway near Cedar Avenue

Solo runner reported a middle-aged man standing by the side of the trail and then lunging at her as she passed. Runner got away and reported the incident to the police.


Mon Feb 13, 2012 — 9 PM — 12th Avenue and Greenway

Two young men (17 or 18 years old) in dark clothing shoved solo rider into concrete pillar and demanded money. The victim handed over his wallet and phone, and the attackers ran up the embankment.  Police were called and several cars came, but were not able to find the suspects


Mon Jan 16, 2012 — 12th Avenue and Greenway

Solo rider attacked by two young men in dark clothing.  Another rider came upon the scene and the suspects fled up the stairs with the victim's backpack. Victim sustained injuries to the face.


Mon Jan 09, 2012 — Approximately 11:20 PM — Elliot Avenue and Greenway

Two victims walking on the Greenway at Elliot Avenue were robbed at gunpoint by two males.  Neither victim was physically injured but they did lose cell phones, cash, and credit cards to the suspects.


Mon Nov 28, 2011 — Approximately 9 PM — Bryant Avenue and Greenway

A solo rider was approached by a group of four males and a female.  One male had a gun and demanded the bicycle, but the victim rode off quickly and called the police.  One person was arrested.


Sat Nov 12, 2011 — Approximately 9:30 PM — Pleasant Avenue and Greenway

Rider had rocks thrown at him; cleaned up a pumpkin that had also been dropped onto the trail.


Fri Nov 11, 2011 — Approximately 7:45 PM — Near Bloomington Avenue Entrance

Solo rider passed three young men on the trail; one of the young men threw a brick at the rider that hit the rear bike tire.  Rider is okay and reported the incident to the police.


Sat Nov 05, 2011 — Approximately 11:30 PM — Oakland Avenue and Greenway

Two riders were hit by rocks.  A group of four (roughly) 11-year-old kids threw the rocks from the overlook on the north side of the trail.


Wed Nov 02, 2011 — Near 13th Avenue Entrance

Three youths jumped out in front of solo rider, who swerved to avoid them.  Incident reported to the police.

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