Community Outreach

We partner with organizations serving immigrants, refugees, and communities of color on projects that support and promote transportation, recreation, connections between people and the land, and a say in future development in the Midtown Greenway. The Midtown Greenway is for EVERYONE, and we've been working with diverse groups and organizations to make sure that all families know they can enjoy the Greenway too.

We serve on committees such as the Phillips Fitness Coalition through Waite House, which works to strengthen the presence of Phillips residents on the Midtown Greenway. 

in 2012, we partnered with the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network, with whom we coordinated a series of Family Days on the Greenway. Organized for Hispanic, Somali, Native American and all families in neighborhoods near the Greenway, to celebrate diverse cultures, with a focus on how individuals and families can use the Greenway for health, exercise, relaxation, and more!  Allina Health also offered free screenings during these events. 

We also work with neighborhood organizations such as Spokes Bike Walk Connect to organize events and bike rides for those who don't have access to bikes or want to learn how to ride safely.

Our volunteers and staff attend many neighborhood events and are always looking for ways to educate the community about the Midtown Greenway!  If you would like us to attend a neghborhood event, please e-mail

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