New Mural for the Greenway! 

Help install a new mural by a local artist of color

We are pleased to announce that we have received a challenge grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council.  If we can raise $5,000 by December 1, they will award us a $10,000 grant to install a new mural in the Greenway by a local artist of color.  (The mural shown here is just an example; once selected, the artist will create an entirely new one.)

Donate here:  NEW MURAL

We just need 50 people to donate $100 and we will meet our goal!  Donations are tax-deductible.  Best of all, when you bike past the new mural, you will know that YOU played a role in getting it in the Greenway.

Your donation will not only be MATCHED -- it will be tripled!  If you donate $100, another $200 will be donated by the Arts Council when we reach our goal.

The new mural, which we plan to install in the Midtown area, will enhance the Greenway for all users, but a key goal is to foster stronger connections to neighboring communities.  We seek to demonstrate how public art can help build community, increase equity, and build a sense of shared ownership for a public space.  Art can also bring new people to an area, show that people care about it, and help prevent crime.

Our vision is a corridor that in addition to having the best urban bike trail in the nation, is also a cultural destination and celebration of the rich diversity of Greenway neighborhoods. 

If we can get funding for this mural, we believe we can attract more and more murals to realize our vision.  Will you help by making a tax-deductible donation?   

Checks can also be mailed to:

New Greenway Mural
c/o Midtown Greenway Coalition
2834 10th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Questions?  Call 612-879-0105


About the Coalition

Our founders had the idea for the Greenway, then formed the Midtown Greenway Coalition to get it built.   

The corridor used to be a trash-filled trench that people avoided.  Now, it contains a world-class biking and walking trail that's the envy of cities across the nation.  In fact, the Midtown Greenway trail has been named the best urban bike trail in the USA!

Our work didn't end after the Greenway was built.  Now, we work to protect and enhance it.

We fought to keep high-voltage overhead power lines out of the Greenway – and we won!

We encourage developers to create "Greenway-friendly" buildings along the corridor that don't block sunlight from the trail and create new access ramps and stairs.   

We operate a Trail Watch patrol, which bikes the Greenway at night to help keep it safe.

We encourage government agencies to repair the trail when needed, and are currently advocating that the entire trail get on a schedule for repaving.

We work to install more lighting and create safer street crossings.

We operate greening and cleaning programs that help keep the Greenway green.

We're a coalition of individuals and organizations that love the Midtown Greenway and want to protect and enhance it.  

We raise all of our own funds and receive no operational funding from the government.

Use and love the Greenway too?

Join us!


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