Tour de Fat on August 19th 

Bikes, Beer, Bemusement!

Don't miss New Belgium Brewing's Tour de Fat on August 19th at The Cabooze, featuring Grammy-nominated recording artists The Record Company!

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Tickets are just $25 and the event benefits the Midtown Greenway Coalition and our programs for the Greenway.

Live music, circus acts, bike and dance contests -- and of course, tasty New Belgium Brewing craft brews.

You must be 21+ to attend the Tour de Fat -- see you there!
More info and tickets:


29th Street Shared Street Demonstration Project

The Midtown Greenway Coalition has received a pending grant to install a temporary “shared street” or “woonerf” along East 29th Street, between Bloomington Avenue and 18th Avenue.

A shared street (also called a woonerf) is a street that prioritizes pedestrians and cyclists, while also allowing cars (usually at slower speeds).  

The goal is to improve E 29th Street to make it a great street that enhances the neighborhood and creates better connections to the Greenway and the 17th Avenue Bike Boulevard, so that more people bike and walk and engage in active living lifestyles. 

The demonstration will focus on a 3-block segment between Bloomington Avenue and 18th Avenue.  It will be temporary, and improvements selected by the community will be tested for 6-8 weeks later this summer.   Community members will be invited to experience the shared street and provide feedback.

Safer Street Crossings

We're happy to announce that Hennepin County has secured federal funding for key safety improvements in the Midtown Greenway. The majority of the improvements are part of the "Making the Connection: Midtown Greenway to Lake Street" plan, which we created in partnership with Hennepin County, the City of Minneapolis, and the Lake Street Council.

You'll see improvements to crossings that will include James Avenue, Irving Avenue, Humboldt Avenue, 5th Street, 28th Street East, and Minnehaha Avenue. 

Hiawatha Avenue, one of the Greenway's crossings that has the most potential for danger to cyclists and pedestrians, will also see important safety improvements!

Proposed improvements range from installing new durable high-visibility crosswalk markings and enhanced traffic signal technology, to connecting sidewalk gaps and installing raised medians and curb extensions. These improvements will be implemented over the next several years.

Cedar and Portland to be Reconstructed in 2017

This spring, Hennepin County will begin the process of reconstructing both the Cedar Avenue and the Portland Avenue bridges. 

These bridges are more than a century old and will be reconstructed in the same style to preserve the historic nature. Work is expected to be completed by the Fall of this year. 

While the roadways will be closed during construction, impacts to the Greenway is expected to be minimal but a few closures and/or detours may occur. 

New Public Art in the Greenway

In 2017, two new murals will be placed in the Midtown Greenway! 

The first mural, thanks to a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council, will focus on our diverse community and will be created with the help of community input.  We are pleased to announce that we have selected Jordan Hamilton as the artist who will construct the mural.  More information will be available soon.

The other mural will be created by Little Earth of United Tribes and the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). This project will provide Little Earth youth the opportunity to work with mentors from MCAD in every facet of the project to not only build real world skills, but create something they can be proud of in the Greenway. 

29th Avenue Success!

Where 29th Avenue meets the Midtown Greenway has been closed to motor traffic since 2015. This test closure was part of a city plan to turn that area into a bicycle boulevard. The closure has created a safe crossing for all Greenway users for the past two years. 

It has been supported by community members who also cite its ability to provided students from Seward a safe way to get to school. 

A Minneapolis City Council committee recently voted unanimously to keep the closure permanent. 

This closure will entail installing low barriers on the North and South sides of the trail. These barriers will be low enough to allow emergency vehicles to pass through. 


About the Coalition

Our founders had the idea for the Greenway, then formed the Midtown Greenway Coalition to get it built.   

The corridor used to be a trash-filled trench that people avoided.  Now, it contains a world-class biking and walking trail that's the envy of cities across the nation.  In fact, the Midtown Greenway trail has been named the best urban bike trail in the USA!

Now, we work to protect and enhance it.

We fought to keep high-voltage overhead power lines out of the Greenway – and we won!

We encourage developers to create "Greenway-friendly" buildings along the corridor that don't block sunlight from the trail and create new access ramps and stairs.   

We operate a Trail Watch patrol, which bikes the Greenway at night to help keep it safe.

We encourage government agencies to repair the trail when needed, and are currently advocating that the entire trail get on a schedule for repaving.

We work to install more lighting and create safer street crossings.

We operate greening and cleaning programs that help keep the Greenway green.

We're a coalition of individuals and organizations that love the Midtown Greenway and want to protect and enhance it.  

We raise all of our own funds and receive no operational funding from the government.

Use and love the Greenway too?

Join us!


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