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There are many modern streetcar systems in the United States, and there are even more systems that are being studied and planned for future development. We've put together a sampling of the diverse systems that criss-cross this country; this article, Streetcar Projects Advance Nationwide Thanks to Local Initiative, illustrates just how widely-spread streetcar programs can be found!

Milwaukee, WI

A City-Building Tool


Status: In the planning stages. Service is planned to begin December 2015.

Route: Approximately two miles. The exact route and number of stops are still to be finalized. Annual ridership is projected at 588,880 by 2015 with the basic route or 1.2 million with the extensions.

Economic Development: Without the extensions, the streetcar is estimated to support or create 305 local construction jobs, 85 jobs related to the manufacturing of the vehicles, and 20 permanent jobs for ongoing operations and maintenance. Approximately 290 indirect jobs would be supported or created by companies that will supply materials for the project, and another 280 jobs will be induced by discretionary spending.

A land use analysis to determine the economic development potential within a quarter-mile of the initial route and extensions showed that the following economic activity could be generated by 2030:

  • 9,000 new housing units
  • 13,500 new residents
  • 1,000,000 square feet of new occupied retail space
  • 4,000,000 square feet of new occupied office space
  • 20,500 new jobs
  • $3.35 billion of new development value

Additionally, it is estimated that more than $205 million in new development will occur by the streetcar’s second year of operation.

Notable Features: Modern streetcars will run from the lower east side to the downtown Intermodal Station, which serves passenger rail, commuter rail and regional bus service. Streetcars would run every 10 minutes for most of each weekday and every 15 minutes in the early-morning and late-night hours and on weekends.


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Rendering:  http://www.milwaukeestreetcar.com/images/mwsc_modern-render4.jpg

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