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There are many modern streetcar systems in the United States, and there are even more systems that are being studied and planned for future development. We've put together a sampling of the diverse systems that criss-cross this country; this article, Streetcar Projects Advance Nationwide Thanks to Local Initiative, illustrates just how widely-spread streetcar programs can be found!

Los Angeles, CA

Downtown Rail Renaissance

Status: In the planning stages. Construction is planned for 2014 and completion is planned for 2016.

Route: While the final route is still being finalized, it will be approximately 3-4 miles and will connect downtown destinations like LA Live, the Convention Center, the Music Center, and Grand Avenue.






Economic Development: A report by AECOM projects the streetcar will lead to:

  • $1.1 billion in new development
  • $24.5 million in new annual spending
  • $47 million in new city revenue
  • 675,000 square feet of new office space
  • 9,300 new jobs
  • 2,600 new housing units
  • 3,600 new residents

Distinguishing Features: Like most streetcar systems being planned today, this project will be funded through a public-private partnership

In November 2012, downtown voters will decide whether they should create a special taxing district to help fund the streetcar. Under this proposal, property owners in the tax district would pay a tax proportional to their property’s square footage and proximity to the streetcar lines. The taxing district encompasses about 7,000 registered voters and 397 downtown acres. The measure will require a two-thirds majority to pass.



















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