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Shasta Site

If you walk or bike along the Midtown Greenway on a regular basis, you might have noticed some tree and brush cutting that has been going on between 34th and 36th Avenues behind the Shasta building.  That work is being done by Hennepin County crews to prepare the site for a native plant restoration project.  Removal of some of the invasive trees and all of the small understory brush and downed limbs and other debris is being done so later this spring, the area can be seeded with a cover crop that will green up the site and out compete weeds on the site.  The majority of the work on the site will come in 2008 when more tree cutting takes place and a large planting of native trees and shrubs takes place in the early spring.  Funding for this project is coming from Longfellow Community Council NRP funds and a grant from Hennepin County that LCC recently received.


If you would like to see the restoration plan for this site or want to know more details about the project, please email Eric Hart directly at

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