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Hennepin County Eco-yard Midtown

In 2005, on vacant land made available by the Hennepin County Regional Railroad Authority, the Department of Environmental Services, in partnership with The Green Institute, installed the Eco-Yard Midtown adjacent to the Phillips Eco-Enterprise Center, 21st Ave. S., and 28th St. E.  The site borders the east portion of the Midtown Greenway Phase II just west of the Hiawatha Light Rail.  The Eco-Yard Midtown is an attractive urban landscape for residents and businesses to enjoy while learning about the principles of sustainable landscaping.  This site was chosen for its high visibility and proximity to the Green Institute and the Midtown Greenway, with the understanding that the land is reserved for future transit use.  The use of this land for the Eco-Yard Midtown demonstration site is an exceptionally positive and productive use for the interim period.

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Eco-Yard Midtown 2003

Eco-Yard Midtown 2005

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