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Grace Nursery and East Isles Planting Project

They say it takes a village to raise a child, but at the corner of James Ave S. and the Midtown Greenway, its’ taken a group of children to show us how to beautify a sliver of our Greenway.  The Grace Nursery School Garden will go down in history as the first actual greening project in the Midtown Greenway!

In their words:

Our garden, the first on the Greenway, was created from a teacher’s desire to enhance our curriculum by providing a hands-on outdoor experience for our children and to increase our presence in the neighborhood.  Our families volunteer to help with garden clean up, planting, weeding, and watering throughout the year.

In the fall, children visit the garden to observe, explore, and pick flowers.  Later, they return to plant spring bulbs; clean up the garden by removing dead plants-adding them to the compost bins; and finally they put the garden to bed by spreading a cover of leaves across the garden.

In winter, we walk to the garden to observe a blanket of snow covering their spring bulbs.

In early spring, we visit to discover a few green sprouts and to remove some of the leaf cover.  Later in spring, the children and our neighbors are delighted to see a rainbow of spring flowers.  Before the end of the school year, we return to work some compost into the soil and to plant a few seeds or the seedlings we started in the classroom for summer blooms.

We love to linger and enjoy a story and snack at the garden.

We hope you will too! 

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