A member-based group of individuals and organizations who want to protect and enhance the Midtown Greenway.
Help protect your greenway and make it even better!


Join today to add your voice to the nearly 1,000 members who look to the Midtown Greenway Coalition to ensure that the Greenway is protected.

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With your membership, you'll help us continue to make the Midtown Greenway one of the nation's most successful biking and walking trails, and solidify our status as the #1 biking city in the USA.

Membership benefits include a subscription to our quarterly newsletter, Pathways, and voting rights at our Annual Meeting.

Joining the Midtown Greenway Coalition is easy!

ONLINEClick here to join online.
VIA MAIL:  Download the PDF file with a membership form that you can print out and mail in. To download the form, click here.

For those who are unable to access the membership form PDF, you may join by sending your name and address along with a check payable to the Midtown Greenway Coalition to:

Midtown Greenway Coalition
2834 10th Avenue South, Greenway Level, Suite 2
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Annual dues are tax deductible.  There is no minimum membership amount.  We encourage you to consider becoming a monthly sustaining donor online.  Our sustainers give $10 or more per month, ensuring that we have a reliable funding stream to help protect and enhance the Greenway.  Sustainers also help us reduce mailing costs and staff time.   Thank you for supporting the Midtown Greenway and the Midtown Greenway Coalition!

The Midtown Greenway Coalition is committed to preserving your privacy and safeguarding your credit card and other sensitive information.  To view the general information-gathering and usage practices of our web site and donation service see the Privacy Policy of our partner organization Groundspring.org.

For more information call 612 879-0103.

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