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Soo Line Garden

Comunity Garden

Ever since they helped clear the demolition of a grain elevator from what is now the Soo Line Garden, those involved have transformed this plot of tax forfeited land into a wonderful public good that provides access to the Greenway, food for those who work its soils, and an aesthetic amenity for all. Although this garden differs from other proposed public open spaces along the Greenway in that it is not a plaza at a future rail station, a formal (paved) trail entrance ramp, or a public park, there has been interest by the Soo Line Gardeners and the Midtown Greenway Coalition to secure it as a permament community garden rather than risk it being sold for development.  That goal was achieved in 2010 through the work of the gardeners when ownership of the land was transferred from the State of MN to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board. 

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