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Pleasant Avenue

Pleasant Avenue Entrance and Greenspace

The potential exists for additional public open space incorporating a new trail entrance ramp along the north side of the corridor between Pleasant and Pillsbury Avenues.  This land is currently privately owned. The Whittier Alliance and the Midtown Greenway Coalition have been discussing this site and drawings have been created in response to community meetings, although no funding to move the project forward has been idenified at this time.  In 2009 and 2010 the MIdtown Greenway Coalition conducted an Immigrant Engagement Project funded by The Minneapolis Foundation to strengthen our relationships with our Latino and Somali immigrant communities.  As a result of listening sessions, the Coalition learned that a main priority for the Somali community related to the Greenway is better access to the Greenway at Pleasant and/or Pillsbury Avenues.  An entrance ramp into the below-grade Greenway here would provide easy trail access in and out, serving people coming and going from Karmel Square, Karmel Plaza, and Karmel Village where Somali immigrants shop and live in large numbers. The Coalition hopes to undertake teamwork with the Somali commuity and the Whittier Alliance to visualize in greater detail what is desired here, and advocate together for construction of a ramp and greenspace.

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