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Chowen Avenue

Transit Station and Greenspace

With the advent of a potential transit station to be located off Chowen Avenue here behind Whole Foods, visions for a public open space were sought from the West Calhoun Neighborhood Council and local businesses in the area. Main interests shared at two community meetings included a community garden, old growth tree preservation, reintroduction of native vegetation and safer, easier access to Whole Foods Parking Lot and to Lake Calhoun via pedestrian and bike pathways. All input was very helpful in this first visioning process and it is hoped that those and additional stakeholders will continue to participate in future discussions for this site.

As of June 2011, the most active group working on how all this could fit together is a Multi-Stakeholder Group with representatives from local businesses and the West Calhoun Neighborhood Council.  Contact that neighborhood Group for more info.  The MIdtown Greenway Coalition is working with that group as well as the Community Works Partnership to think through how the future Midtown Greenway streetcar line will link seamlessly with the future SW LRT station here, all without significant functional impacts on trail use through the area--a tall task. 

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