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Greenway Wins 2014 Great Places Award

We are pleased to announce that the Midtown Greenway has received a 2014 Great Places Award from the Sensible Land Use Coalition! The award jurors said the Greenway:

"Is a great connector and unparalleled in stimulating development and investment."

"Is not just a trail but a space to garden, see art and experience community events."

"Has transformed MANY people's ways of being in the city, and has MADE places, significantly and sensibly, for the widest range of people."

"Embodies one of the most significance features of a great place - the Midtown Greenway is still BECOMING."

We are proud to receive this award on behalf of the Greenway, and want to thank our donors, volunteers, and partners for helping to make the Midtown Greenway a GREAT PLACE!

Special thanks to SRF Consulting for writing and submitting the award nomination.

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