Police Patrols

The Midtown Greenway Coalition is very grateful that the Minneapolis Police Department is patrolling the Midtown Greenway.  While we would prefer that they do so on bicycles, they must use their squad cars if they are to do the patrolling as part of their regular shifts.  Patrolling the Greenway on bicycles requires additional funding to supplement the regular patrols.  In the past a group called Phillips Weed and Seed directed federal dollars to the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the Minneapolis Police in order to fund police patrols on bicycles for area parks and the Greenway.  These bike patrols are continuing in 2008 in conjunction with Hennepin County probation, but they are limited to a few shifts a week and must cover other areas besides the Greenway.

Recently we learned that the police in cars on the Greenway are being treated inhospitably by trail users who are yelling at them to get their cars out of the Greenway.  The Coalition believes that police in cars in the Greenway are better than no police in the Greenway at all.  Please wave and smile at them so they don't go away. Thanks.

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